Title Search Criteria

Re-Issue:  We will gladly honor (and give re-issue credit rates for) the policy of any other title insurance company.  Simply bring the title exam forward starting with the policy’s effective date.
Please send us a copy of the relevant parts of the prior policy (schedule A, schedule B, Exceptions, and the property must be identified on the prior) when you send your Binder Request and Preliminary Title Opinion.

Last Institutional-Loan Search:  Simply search the title back to the First Institutional Loan (Ideally, a first mortgage) made by the property’s owner to an institutional lender.  Begin the search with the deed into this borrower and bring the exam forward to the present.

Special Instructions:  Please send a copy of the owner’s deed and relevant parts of the institutional lender’s deed of trust when you send your title examination report.  NOTE: since we’ll have no existing policy in our files, re-issue rates cannot apply to these cases.

General Warranty Deed:  You may begin your search with a General Warranty Deed that was recorded at least 10 years ago (A Special Warranty Deed from an institutional lender is ok, we will need to approve a Special Warranty Deed from a non-lender or private lender).

Developer Deed:  You may begin your search with the General Warranty Deed from the developer of the subdivision to the first purchaser of the lot being insured (we no longer require the development to be a major development with 20 or more lots). 

Full Search:  If you cannot locate an existing title policy, or meet the expedited search criteria above, we will accept a title opinion limited to the ownership of the land taken back to whomever owned it thirty years ago.
NOTE:  Since there is no known title policy, premium re-issue rates cannot apply to these cases.

Survey Coverage:  If you want survey coverage for the owner policy, please remember to send an 8.5”x11” copy of the new survey and a current Surveyor’s Report.
Please include any “special handling” instructions that might require us to do something a little out of the ordinary to meet your service requirements.

Additional Information: 
A Policy Modification Fee may be incurred when modifying a loan amount after construction has been completed.  It is based on the potential difference between loan amounts. 

Our Downdate Endorsement fee is $100.00.  We will need an updated search/judgement check to amend the policy date.

Our Underwriters:
We are proud to work with two exceptional underwriters, WFG National Title Insurance Company, and Alliant National Title Insurance Company.  Please contact us if you need approval applications.


We are a “paperless office” that maintains no paper files.  All paper coming into our possession is scanned, saved in computer format, and then the paper is shredded and discarded.  All other information we receive is likewise saved in electronic format.  Accordingly, please do not send us any original documents that you might need to retrieve later.

We are not a “financial institution” as defined by the State and Federal law.  Nevertheless, we want you to know our policies about your privacy and that of your clients.
We must pass along to our principal, all information we collect from you about the titles they are asked to insure.  We have no knowledge or control over what this company (or any other similarly situated) does with this information.

However, Blackacre will never sell, lease, assign or in any way share any of this information with any other business entity.  What’s more, we will disclose to governmental agencies no more information about our business and its customers that is specifically mandated by law or court order.

While we may take contemporary notes about them, we do not record our telephone conversations with our lawyer-customers.  Ever.

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